How To: The Perfect Mint Julep

Just because we're not from Kentucky doesn't mean we don't know how to make a mean Mint Julep. Alex Diimig, KOVAL's resident mixologist, treats Bourbon the same as Southerners, making this cocktail in the most classic (and delicious) fashion.

Here's what you'll need to get started:


3 oz KOVAL Bourbon
1/2 oz rich simple syrup*
Fresh Spearmint
Crushed ice

*We pre-made simple syrup with Demerara Sugar (a 2:1 ratio with water), giving it a rich flavor and beautiful dark brown color. 

Step 1: In a highball glass or traditional silver Julep cup, lightly muddle 5-6 leaves of spearmint with a small splash of syrup and roll it around the interior of the cup.



Step 2: Add a heap of crushed ice so it goes above the brim.




Step 3: Trickle in the rich syrup.  




Step 4: There's no stirring when it comes to a julep. Alex suggests leaving the mint leaves in the drink, as the ice keeps them mostly contained to the bottom of the glass. As the ice melts, the whiskey absorbs the oils from the leaves, changing the flavor. 




Step 5: Garnish with a nice bouquet of mint (extra points for a stir stick, too).




A good julep just should drink strong at the beginning, hence why an overproof bourbon is perfect. One should take their time to enjoy it as the mint, sugar, ice and bourbon meld together.