How To: "The Garden Party"

Summer is ripe. Get a taste of the season with "The Garden Party," a Dry Gin cocktail mixed with hints of lime, mint, and floral notes. Recommended to enjoy on a breezy evening on a porch.  


2 oz KOVAL Dry Gin
3 1/2 inch slices English cucumber, quartered
Pinch of salt
3 sprigs fresh mint 
1/4 cup organic rose petals 
3/4 oz  fresh squeezed lime juice
3/4 oz simple syrup 

Place cucumber and salt in cocktail shaker or pint glass. Allow to sit for a minute while you gather the rest if the ingredients 

Add mint and petals. Muddle. 

Add lime juice, simple syrup and gin and ice to the shaker. 

Shake vigorously. Strain into coupe or martini glass. 

Garnish with a fresh rose petal, and float a few drops of angostura bitters on top if desired.