To Do: WhiskyWeek Chicago - KOVAL at Delilah's


When you first walk into Delilah's—nestled somewhere between Lakeview and Lincoln Park on Lincoln Avenue just South of Diversey—you get the sense that its a tough place. Its dark walls and narrow street-level bar, filled with over 666 whiskies from 15 different countries, not to mention hundreds of other beers and spirits (totaling over 1,000 drink options), make you feel like you've transported 20 years back in time to a classic Chicago punk bar. There's a reason for that: since Delilah's opened in 1993, very little has changed. 

"People have come here for 21 years without outgrowing it," said owner Mike Miller. 


One visit on a weekday evening will tell you that Delilah's is so much more than the old-school dive it might first appear to be. The barstools are occupied by women and men, some in their twenties and others in their fifties, some dressed in clean-cut business-casual and others in well-worn leather jackets. Some venture upstairs to play pool, while others sit back and watch a screening of a classic grindhouse film (or a monster film, horror film, space movie, or Rock & Roll-related film—Delilah's has regular screenings three times a week). 

Featured artist: Thomas Tomek

There really is something for everyone at Delilah's.

"It's also a place for artists," said Miller. "In the past we've featured work by local artists like Emily Rapport and Jon Langford. Right now we're featuring a series by Thomas Tomek."

Whether you're discovering a new film, learning about the local art scene, or getting tastes of international whiskies, going to Delilah's is more than just going to a bar—it's visiting an educational community establishment.

On Wednesday, April 8th, we're excited to join Delilah's, a KOVAL supporter from our earliest days, to celebrate WhiskyWeek Chicago and the release of their hand-selected barrel-strength Rye. We hope you'll join us as well.

WhiskyWeek Chicago: KOVAL Distillery at Delilah's
Wednesday, April 8th
2771 N Lincoln Ave.
Chicago, IL 60614