It’s strange to grasp the concept that the Chicago Design Museum started as a magazine in Phoenix, Arizona —until you talk to Co-founder and Chairman Tanner Woodford.

Woodford, one of the founding members of Fill/Stroke, started the magazine alongside Mark Dudlik and Adria Robles-Morua with the intent of interviewing their heroes. After putting out around 300 cold calls, they were able to ask 28 people—including Andrew Blauvelt of the Walker Art Center and legendary graphic designer Milton Glaser, just to name a few—questions that range from “How do you face designers block?” to “What typeface do you want on your tombstone?”

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From Western Avenue just between the Humbolt Park and Ukrainian Village neighborhoods, the Sportsman’s Club doesn’t look like much more than a classic Chicago tavern—which is just what Managing Partners Jeff Donahue and Wade McElroy were going for when they re-opened the bar in late 2013.

“That was important to us to keep—the feel for the neighborhood, “ said Donahue, stirring a drink in a vintage-inspired mixing glass. “This bar has been here for over 60 years. I wanted anyone who had been here to still feel like the spirit of it is preserved.”

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Note: This article is part of KOVAL’s “Innovation Month.” While KOVAL continues to change the way people think about whiskey, we're highlighting thinkers, technologists, entrepreneurs, designers, organizations, and brands that we believe are streamlining the future of how the world works.


In modern culture, there are two existing worlds. First, there’s the physical world—the one we live on, breath on, and experience every day. In the last half a century, though, we’ve also created another place—a virtual one—in which we communicate, store information, and advance technology.

3D printing brings these two worlds together in a really exciting way. Not dissimilarly to how the internet changed the way we relate to information, 3D printing is altering the way we manufacture.

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When you first walk into Delilah's—nestled somewhere between Lakeview and Lincoln Park on Lincoln Avenue just South of Diversey—you get the sense that its a tough place. Its dark walls and narrow street-level bar, filled with over 666 whiskies from 15 different countries, not to mention hundreds of other beers and spirits (totaling over 1,000 drink options), make you feel like you've transported 20 years back in time to a classic Chicago punk bar. There's a reason for that: since Delilah's opened in 1993, very little has changed. 

"People have come here for 21 years without outgrowing it," said owner Mike Miller. 

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