As Valentine's Day approaches, the search is on for the perfect gift for that special someone. To help in the quest, we've curated two gift guides inspired by two very distinct personalities - our KOVAL Bourbon and Dry Gin. In doing so, we collaborated with other makers and companies we admire, many of whom are neighbor businesses in our hometown of Chicago. Cheers to perfect pairings and giving with love. 

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This boozy take on a classic holiday cookie packs an intense flavor punch with a combination of chocolate, cocoa powder, cinnamon, KOVAL Bourbon and chocolate bitters. We love them warm from the oven, at room temperature or even right out of the freezer for a rich, fudgy texture.

Any way you serve them, these cookies make a great pair for your favorite KOVAL Bourbon drink. Cheers!

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Spirited Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is so much more than a meal. Before and after the turkey and all its trimmings is a day full of moments to be savored. Cheers to finding a little time for yourself, relishing the first few anticipatory bites and unwinding as the evening draws to a close. 

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We are thrilled to announce the release of our latest spirit, Susan for President Prune Brandy. Made from 100 percent prunes, this unique brandy is the newest member of the Susan for President line of exceptional limited edition spirits. 

“Susan for President is an homage to my Aunt Susan, an artist, sculptor, connoisseur of finer things and true original,” said KOVAL co-founder and president Sonat Birnecker Hart. “As part of her artistic approach to life, she casually campaigned for President of the World, passing out calling cards adorned with humorous, often risqué illustrations, and slogans such as ‘Up with fun in ’91,’ and ‘I’m with you in ’92.’ The promotion of her unattainable goal had little to do with becoming president of anything; she hated bureaucracy, and enjoyed living in Carrara, Italy, the birthplace of the anarchist philosophy. Rather, she campaigned as a celebration of art, the joys of life, and the constant striving to be the greatest version of oneself imaginable.” 


Bright and elegant, a trademark of master distiller and CEO Robert Birnecker’s Austrian heritage, the nose has a balanced blend of floral, custard, and roasted almond. The thorough attention to detail used to distill Susan for President’s Prune Brandy shows in the warm, feathery mouthfeel that rounds out with a honey-like, subdued sweetness that sits well on the palette leaving an unforgettable taste. 

From flavor to design, Susan for President commemorates Susan’s creative legacy; and in memory of Susan herself, it is a posthumous way for her to continue the campaign, for as she used to say, “the beat goes on,” and there is still much beauty in this world. Saluti! 

The Prune Brandy will be available for purchase in the U.S. at and is expected to expand into select national markets in the future.


Snuggler Cocktail

The crisp fall Chicago air has us craving warm spices, savory bites and, of course, perfectly crafted cocktails. With this in mind, we collaborated  with our neighbors Urban Accents to create four seasonal cocktails and food pairings that go way beyond pumpkin spice. We think a fall cocktail party in is order. 

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